A brief history…

It is a little over 30 years since a group of enthusiasts asked Shevington Parish Council to find them a piece of land that could be developed into an allotment site. As a result of this request, a piece of land off Miles Lane was identified as suitable.

Once the land became available and a strong fence was erected round the boundary, the site was divided into allotment plots. Also a committee was formed to manage the plots and work with the Parish Council for the upkeep of the site. The site became known as Forest Fold Allotments.

All the plots were soon allocated and a waiting list became necessary. In an attempt to reduce the waiting list, some of the larger plots were divided into two or three plots. But due to a trend for wanting to eat healthily and a desire for home grown fruit and veg and probably quite a few other reasons, the waiting list carried on growing. At one time it reached almost fifty would-be allotmenteers. As well as thirty nine plots at the present day, there are also a number of raised beds to accommodate allotmenteers who are a little less physically capable.

In recent years, due to the increased demand for allotments, the committee along with the parish council have been looking for another piece of land that can be used as allotments. Two or three possible sites have been identified, but for one reason or another were found to be either not suitable or not available. However a large piece of land off Vicarage lane that used to be a part of the blast zone when Orica were manufacturing explosives came up for auction. The Parish Council did a bit of forward thinking and put in a successful bid for the land. After a consultation with the Parish residents as to what they wanted done with the land, allotments came out tops, followed by football and rugby pitches.

So to bring us up to date Shevington Horticultural and Allotment Society, these days better known as Shevington Gardening Club, we are working with the football and rugby clubs as well as the Parish Council to develop this land.