Below is a list of our current members

Mr. E. (Ted) Unwin – President

Ted is a founder member of the club. He can offer (some) advice on organics and composting.

Mr. A. Moakes – Chairman

Andrew is very knowledgeable regarding sweet peas and exhibiting vegetables. He is also available for garden maintenance.

Mr. R. Mason – Vice Chair – F.N.V.S.

An important link as Fellow of The National Vegetable Society and other groups interested in all things “vegetable”.

Mrs. E. Longmore – Secretary

Eileen knows alot about making jams and chutney. A tireless worker with this, and other organisations.

Mrs Jayne Moakes & Joy Moss – Treasurers

Probably the most important job on any committee!

Also on the committee are:

  • Irene McAllister
  • Lynne Mansley
  • Chris Horridge
  • Roger Heyes